Dog Kennel Coop

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  1. heathergreen
    Located in southwest Florida


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  1. girls and guineas
    I had a neighbor's dog dig and rip the tarps and make holes in the chainlink fence in several places, a few days after we got it put up!! I was just sick!! We couldn't get the fencing bent back like it originally was, but did our best, and then wired it to repair it!! Our hen that was attacked by another dog 2 wks ago is doing well! We had been spraying her with med.--$30 a bottle!! I have tried putting her back with the others for a little while, but she is now like a "new kid on the block" and a couple of other hens are putting her in her place, so I stand guard for now!! She started getting her new feathers, but still has some bare skin in spots, and I don't want her pecked!!!
  2. girls and guineas
    Thanks for the info and picture of the top covering. Do you have any supports going across under it? That's what we hadn't figured out before I bought the tarp covering on top! My tarp that I ordered for the top fits down on the top front and back, so there is no gap from the peak down to the frame. I can't find the name of the company right now, without looking more. Sounds like alot of work to dig down and put some fencing or boards under ground to keep predators out!! I'm not sure how you would do it??? I have cement blocks on top of the tarps that are covering the sides of the pen, and extend about 2 ft. on the ground. I think that might help some to keep predators from digging under. In the daytime when it's warm, I lift up the tarps on 2 sides, about 2 ft, and secure them with bungie cords.
  3. heathergreen
    I'm loving this coop so far and the chickens do too ;-) Our main predators are hawks and owls, haven't seen a raccoon or possum on or around our property yet. If you do have a big problem with them, you might want to sink some boards or wire in the ground around the coop so they can't dig under it. Although if you do that, it won't be easily moved, it would have to be permanent.
  4. bmonnett
    This is just what I've been looking for - I've toyed with the idea of getting some chickens for years but we've never gotten around to it. A friend is selling a 10x10x6 dog pen and my husband thought it might make a good chicken coop. When i saw your post with pictures I knew it was time to go forward. So.... I'm going to get started on my chicken coop. I'll keep you posted. I'm in central Ga. but am also a FL native. We have coons, owls, possums, hawks, dogs and cats so we have lots of predators but hopefully we can keep the chickens safe when we get them. Wish me luck!
  5. heathergreen
    I need to take a recent photo of the branches in there's like a jungle gym in there and they LOVE it. The higher they can climb the better they like it, lol.
  6. jeep381
    I loved the idea of putting branches through the dog pen sides. I did that today. We put together two of the 10' chain link dog pens. The coop has 6 brooding boxes in it, right now we have 6- 5week old chicks, and so far have put them in the pen for 5 minutes and they had a fit!! So they are back in the tub in the house for awhile longer. Your pen looks great. I wanted to be able to move ours also, but it's too big now, so I guess i'll have to let them out of the run for awhile during the day. I raised ducks, but chickens are a whole different story I'm finding out!!
  7. mom29
    BTW Heather I love your birds they are adorable!!!!
  8. heathergreen
  9. girls and guineas
    Looks like the top sides are open?? My cover fits down on the sides so there is no opening. Enjoy your chickens!! I put up the 4' fence around the outside of the coop, on 2 sides for a run. That's the fence the hens flew over!! They did better today. Only 1 guinea flew over and got out!! She led me to a nest with 20 eggs in it!!! My regular hens had laid eggs there too!! What a surprise!!!
  10. mom29
    I like the dog fence it keeps the predators out, and we have a lot!!!! I think we will get the tarp to offer shade and to keep them in,lol... Thanks for the info..

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