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  1. donrae
    I"m finally able to offer eggs! Here's a link to my flock page

    Besides eggs, I have......

    Plant starts....
    Orange Day lilies. These naturalize wonderfully and have a nice long bloom time late spring/early summer. The foliage has a nice blue-ish sheen.

    Bearded Iris. Mostly solid purple, but I do have a dark blue and a purple and cream. I can do all purple or an assortment

    Yellow Siberian/wild type Iris. Naturalize readily and bloom most of the summer. The plants tolerate wet feet or boggy areas well.

    White Calla lilies.

    Horsetail plants

    I can mix or match any of the above.

    Crocheted hats. 2 per swap. My stash has been donated so I would do custom colors and styles.

    And my prepper side coming out.... a basic first aid kit. When my boys were little, we divided the first aid supplies into Things That Go IN You, and Things That Go ON You. This is an IN you kit. A nice basic bag to keep in the car, at your office desk, in a backpack, etc to treat a variety of ailments when you're away from home. One per swap.


    I have two spare silverware wind chimes. They're cute and funky looking, and make the prettiest soft chime in the breeze. One per swap.


    A cute scrapbook paper explosion box in pink and green. Very cute for a younger girl. Willing to combine items.


    Beaded earrings, mostly handmade. Will combine.

    A cute little pre-fab dream catcher. Will combine.

    Banana bread
    , 3 loaves per swap. Variations of...
    regular, with or without walnuts, almonds or pecans.
    spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg
    chocolate chip
    peanut butter chips

    Custom Seasoning Mixes
    . No msg or other icky stuff, I mix these myself. 8 cups/1 quart total per swap. Feel free to mix and match flavors but minimum of 1 cup each.
    All Purpose
    Sage Sausage
    Rub for smoked meats
    Low-carb/diabetic friendly Rub

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  1. turtlesgalore
    do you make the crochet booties for adults. I would love to order a few pair, if you do. My grandmother used to make us some every Christmas. Those were great for slidding on polished hard wood floors, as a kid.

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