Well.. I'm just getting back after having to sell all my birds due to personal reasons. I needed to make a new brooder. I’m not really sure why everything I end up making ends up being twice as big as what I planned. But since I'm definitely not a carpenter it is what it is.

It ended up being 6'x4'x2' The bottom section ended up being taller than the top. Other than some crooked boards I'm still pretty proud of it. I seriously was winging it. Had a picture in my head and no clue exactly how it execute it. Just figured it out as I went. (I know that will make some cringe but hey the chicks don't care!)

I think all in all it cost about $135 to make only because I already had the plywood lying around!! The most expensive thing was the wheels.. It's tremendously heavy so it made things easier for me!!

I know the babies will love the room they will have and their roosts I put in there!

I've been asked for measuements and how I did it. I had nothing to go off of. I had just looked at alot of brooders and had an idea in mind. and started and this is what I came up with!