Newbie to Chickens:

We got our first set of chicks back in February (2011), 3 Speckled Sussex (2 turned out to be males and one was a girl.) They were in a straight run bin so we figured we would get at least one male. We then got a second set of chicks in March (2011), 6 Assorted Red Pullets (all were females.) Then I ended up getting 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes (both females) at the end of March. This completed our chicken brood. We raised them inside the house and moved them out to the coop as soon as the temperatures got warm (we live in south/central PA.)

To our surprise some started laying last month already at about 15 and half weeks old! We are now getting anywhere from 3-4 eggs a day (most are about 16-17 weeks old.) We keep them in the run until late afternoon (around 3ish) and then let them out to free range. Althought I am having some problems with them eating and digging up my flower beds!
I also have a vegetable garden but that is fenced in.

I am a teacher, along with my husband. We both teach health and physical education. We have a 3 and a half year old daughter who loves the chickens!