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    After a couple of years of "threatening" to get a few chickens, we finally did it this year (2011). My husband grew up in the country with chickens and ducks, but for me and my daughter, this is a whole new world!
    We purchased via mail order:
    • 6 buff orpington hens
    • 6 barred rock hens
    • 1 barred rock rooster
    • 10 cornish rock meat chickens
    • and another 23 cornish rock meat chickens a month later!
    Somehow I managed to agree to ducks and we've now got four quackers in residence.
    I am a web and graphic designer with my own business: Bennett Web & Design
    My hobby is writing about and photographing my home to share with my family who are scattered across the U.S. I post these little gems on my blog Downeast Thunder Farm.
    Official residents of Downeast Thunder Farm include one husband of 14 years, a 12 year-old daughter, a legal (lab/beagle mix), two cats, 17 chickens (including the recent addition of four bantam ameraucanas, and four ducks! Oh, and the meat chickens.

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