Welcome to the HolleyDay Hen House (aka "The Holley Chick's")
These are my Human Chick & 3 Roosters...

Me, Gabi (10) & Jonathan (13).

Andy (25)


My Hubster & King

The Holley Chick's

"Shelly" "Shelly Today"
This was the Day 1...WOW...What a day!!! I almost lost 1 and it was only my first time. I was warned when I got my waterer's to put them up on something solid so the chicks couldn't get underneath and die. Well I did try, but it just created more space to crawl up underneath...so I thought I would just put it down by itself. I went in to check on them and noticed that there was a lot of water on the paper towels and I didn't want to leave it wet, so I picked up the waterer and underneath was one of my babies. I immediately picked her up and held her underneath the heat lamp and petted her. I was so scared!!! But about an hour or so later, she was running around like the rest of them. I should call her lucky...but...I better wait another couple of days...she may be crawling under something else...so I don't want to jinx her. LOL "Shelly" is the first "Peep" to greet me everytime I check on them...She just looked like a Shelly to me.


"Dottie" Some of the Hens???
She has been the only other one of the group that has been friendly to me...to the point that she has actually pecked at Shelly when they started flying out to greet me. She is really sweet. She is like my little chicky parrot and likes to sit on my shoulders. This evening I went out to give them their cool down treats and add some ice to their water and she flew out and landed on my arm, climbed up and just sat on my shoulder. I am so in love with her gentle personality. Shelly has started cooling towards me a bit, and I just hate that...but I have my suspicions she might be a he due to the feathering...but at almost 4 weeks ending and being an EE, I am just not ready to give up hope for "hen". We have finally settled on a firm plan for the coop and the hen house is close to being finished. I hope we will have it finished and part of the run done by the end of next week. On a literal "wing" and a prayer, right??? Loving my chicky babies!!!


Afternoon Treet Time