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By DraigAthar · Jan 25, 2014 · Updated Mar 22, 2014 ·
  1. DraigAthar
    Available for swaps:

    LF Dominique Hatching Eggs (sun hat not included :D )
    My Dominique breeders come from good stock, not hatchery birds. Ask for more info if you want details on bloodlines.

    Garden Seeds
    LOTS to choose from, PM me for a full list. I have many many varieties of:
    Hot peppers
    Sweet peppers
    And lots more ... one trade is at least 10 packets of seeds, though honestly you can ask for as many as you like. I am a seed hoarder, I will gladly send you as many seeds as you want for a trade. :)

    Edible Items
    Sundried tomatoes (quart sized ziploc full)
    Dried hot peppers (quart sized ziploc full, lots of different varieties)
    Quart jar of hot cucumber pickles (slices)
    Pint jar of pickled hot peppers (mixed varieties)
    Hot pepper powder (ground and sifted, we can do smoked, medium, hot, super hot)

    Craft Items
    38 gauge triangle blade felting needles, pack of 10.

    I don't have a specific 'wanted' list right now, but PM and make me an offer! We'll chat. :)

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