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    My name Is Heather, I am 21 almost 22. I live in Placerville, California.
    I mainly raise purebred pedigreed show rabbits (dreamcatcheracresrabbitry.weebly.com)
    and have had raised chickens as a child had around 150ish free range birds, in about 2002
    we no longer did. We gave a majority away.

    Now that I'm older I would love to get back into raising a small flock of chickens (Silkies)
    But first I need to find the stock. I would like to get Purebred Silkies, I'm not sure if they are like
    rabbits and come pedigreed or not. :)
    Please email if you know anyone near Placerville/Sacramento area with Silkies for sale!​

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