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    Hello there! My name is Lori. My two children and I decided to get into chickens almost a year ago and what a wonderful adventure it has been!!
    It all started with of course......our Rooster George.

    We think George is just beautiful!
    [​IMG] One of our fat Rocks!
    [​IMG] Our only Isah. We originally had two but lost one earlier in the spring.
    [​IMG] A typical batch of eggs. A nice mixture of dark browns, light browns and a few blue/green Araucauna eggs.
    [​IMG] Our only white chicken.....she happens to be George's favorite and is in nesting on 5 eggs as I build this page. We cant wait for the chicks!
    [​IMG] We arent really sure how the small eggs came into the mix. They're about the size of a Robin's egg and we've found two of them in the coop so far.
    [​IMG] The mail box I decided to make after I got into chickens. It was a lot of fun making it and it cost me a whole $5.00 to convert my old mail box to this!
    We now have a total of 8 chickens and waiting on more chicks to hatch. Its been a wonderful adventure that I'm sure neither my kids nor I will ever forget. I would've never known that chickens have so much personality and are so enjoyable to be around.

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