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  1. DTchickens
    Hello, and welcome to my page. My name is Daniel, I am 17 years old residing in Mississippi. I raise various types of American Gamefowl which I grew up around having the breed in my family for four generations. I also raise Shamo, and have recently began a Kraienkoeppe project.

    I am one who takes poultry rather seriously, especially gamefowl breeds. If anyone had any questions regarding gamefowl, or any other breed I would be willing to try and help as best as I can.You can see most of my birds at my website here: http://www.freewebs.com/dtsfowl/

    God bless.

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  1. centrarchid
    I am tapping your history knowledge on American games. Where can I find information dealing with characteristics of Hatch, Mugs, and White-hackles. We suspect our line is derived in part from some combination of these. I am interested in tracking down where the eclipse molt is coming from so I can aquire more to study the genetics behind it.

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