Golden Neck Belgian d'Uccles

I created this page to assist d'Uccle breeders, since there is so little information about these wonderful birds online. More information will be posted over time.

The golden neck color standard may be found here:
The d'Uccle breed standard may be found here:

These birds are NOT presented as text-book representatives of the breed and color standards,
but only as examples so backyard breeders may see what others are hatching.

I encourage other d'Uccle folks to create photo galleries of their birds, so that others can see what colors you are raising.
Comments or questions regarding my birds are always welcome.

Below are progressive pictures of a 4/2010 young golden neck cockerel. I regret I do not have very early photos, but he hatched pure yellow with no markings and light foot feathering. He was acquired locally, but unfortunately I do not know his background or breeding. He is lighter than the color standard (especially on the back), and I am waiting to see whether this changes after his first full molt in 2011.

Golden neck d'Uccle cockerel - - 5 weeks


Golden neck d'Uccle cockerel - 10 weeks




Golden neck d'Uccle cockerel - - 8 months




Golden neck pullets - - 5 months
This quad was purchased from a hobbyist out of Atlanta, Georgia in 2008.


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!