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By common coop · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. common coop
    Da Duck Haus
    OK -- here's some pics of the process -- aided by chickens, dogs, cats, neighbors, etc.

    I happened upon a pile of 2x6's at a local lumber yard for next to nothing - and knew a duck house was in my future.
    I try to be practical about size, approach to cleaning, creature comfort - but focus on artistic license.
    Because they don't care what it looks like -- and it's somewhere within my view -- I really want to be delighted by the sight of it, and will add any interesting features I can muster.

    The hobbit like door - came from a friends junk pile. Great hinges form the flea market. Fun old windows salvaged, exterior finish boards from pallets, free shingles.
    A split roof - seemed extravagant -- but is so functional in the summer for letting the heat out -- the back area can be open on top but for wire in the summer - and easily topped off with plywood for the winter. Who knew. All the window come out in the summer and get replaced with hardware wire - I'm thinking about wire doors - but I know they like their privacy. Just inside the front door to the right is their nest where they kindly place their eggs every morning.
    I was sure my neighbors old clawfoot bathtub would qualify as artistic - but I'm still working on the practicalities of the ramp. They do love just plodding up to the platform - and then plopping in for a dip. I drain the water into the hosta garden just outside their fence. Everyone is happy.
    Here are the beautiful Welsh sisters -- Brindle and Gertrude

    And cousin - Inga - da Swedish Duck
    Here is the fall coop -- I found those beautiful brackets and couldn't wait to put them on! In the background is their lean to - for rain and snow protection - north and west wind cover.

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  1. Hope Hughes
    "So cute!"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2018
    Do the ducks like it? Is there an easy ramp for them to get up in? Would like to see more photos... I have been searching for ideas.


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  1. celticgarden
    Holy duck! I quite like this! Thanks for posting way back in 2011.

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