Duck houses:ideas and cleaning.

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    Ducks are messy animals,but that doesn't mean we don't love them!here is a article about ideas for ducks houses and cleaning.

    Good ideas: can use a dog house.they make good houses for them.and for heat,clip a heat lamp to the side.they make it easy to clean and care for. can also buy a kit at lows.

    3.make a wooden house.also put a hole and a rack on one corner for the water.

    4.keep them with the chickens.this is messy,but if you can't afford to make anything else that's a good idea.

    5.keep them in the garage.this way is by making a cage,and putting hey in it.

    Cleaning for each house:

    1.lift the dog house up and shovel out the hey.use a hose and clean out the inside.dry it out and put it back down(or,depends if you can).put new hey in,and put the waterer in.there,you have cleaned the duck house!

    2.look 1 step.

    3.shovel out all the hey.take a small shovel scrape out the corners and poo.take a hose and was it out throughly.put down new hey and water. you would clean the chicken house(;))

    5.shovel out the hey.and take something that you could scrape with and scrape all the poo and hey that stuck on the ground.take the hose and wash it then let it dry.put down new hey and their water and done!

    I hope you like it!

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