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By Duck Mad · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Duck Mad
    Living with my Ducks

    The most amazing pets I have owned are Ducks..
    Ducks have individual personalities.
    The way I love to keep my pets, is extremly friendly. To get 100% trust off Ducks, is to have them soon after incubation.

    My First Duck Bubbles, came from my nextdoor neighbour, (I knew nothing about ducks) I kept him in our house until he no longer needed heat, Bubbles was regularly being picked up for cuddles, baths etc. Talking to him a lot he soon picked up what some words meant, example if he is in the kitchen, point to the backdoor and say 'go on outside', and he goes straight out. Its crazy how he just knows what I want him to do..
    My second Duck Puddles came from a farm park, as a friend for Bubbles (both very young and fluffy still) In the farm park it was extremly hot, I couldnt wait to get Puddles home, after seeing him all day panting like mad. Both Drakes got on very well from the minute they were put together.
    My third Duck Misty once again came from my nextdoor neighbour, Misty was a tiny duckling so she had to live in our house join winter (and she still does live in our house!)
    My forth duck Meloney was bought (miles away) as a friend for Misty..
    So we have four ducks, two drakes that live together, and two hens that live together ..
    The drakes are playfull (which some people would refer as being attacked) Join breeding season they do have certin things on their mind, and they try it on.. When they are (appearing to be in this attacking mode) gripping hold of your skin trouser legs etc, All I have to do is a firm but gentle grip on their beaks and say NOOOO and point at them saying NOOO they soon stop and learn who the boss is.. The Hens are so gentle and can't be faulted at all..
    I would never trade drakes for hens, drakes love rough and tumble (but gentle). This is where us humans get a great bond, and entertainment with these lovely ducks..

    I do not believe my ducks are just pets.. I believe they should be classed as compainion pets.. My ducks can join me when I visit people.. Just a simple bag with board for support and a soft bed on top inside the bag and they happily travel on the bus or in the car, poking their heads out of the top to see where they are going. When at the house we are visiting they stay in the kitchen and garden (for easy to clean up mess) Along the way travling people seem so suprised to see ducks in my bag, Of course my ducks behave, because they trust me and we have a bond. My ducks are very laid back, in strange places they make theirselves at home within minutes, because they can see me... read new posts for some stories of things that have happened with my ducks:)

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