My name is Madison i live on a small 22 acre farm in TN with my parents and the animals. all i have are ducks, but my parents have cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and the most awesomest of all their animals Are CHICKENS!!!!!!!! I love my ducks more than anything! (well maybe not more than my family) I would not trade them for the world!!! some people dont get ducks, they say "come on their just ducks" but they are more than just ducks, they are smart, and NOT STUPID!!!! this year is my very first year having ducks, in the begining of the year i went to my co-op and got six ducklings 1 khaki Campbell 1 Ancona 3 rouen and 1 crsted somthing, which i adore more than anything.
then my brother said he wanted a duckling so my mom went back and got him his duckling and named her Alex, but as she got older he didnt want to take care of her. so then he gave her to me, i then figured out that "Alex" was a Blue Indian Runner! i was so happy that i had a runner duck! i then fell in love with ducks because of Alex, alex was then atacked and killed by my moms bird dog, that was a very sad week for my family, or atleased me and my mom. i had Alex in her brooder all the time until one day she got bored i guess and got out and was running around the yard, i dont know how she got out. i went outside to give her goodnight kisses and i almost had a heartattack! i saw that my duckling was not there so as a momma duck i was VERY worried. i searched everywhere, there was no sign of her so i started to cry, i then went around the houe to check 1 more time and i saw laying there ont the ground a lifeless little body, i bawled like nobodys buisieness. then, i went in the house and said " WHERE IOS SHE! WHERE IS SHE (she being the dog) im gonna kill her! i wasnt really gonna kill her but i was very mad!. I just wanted to say if it werent for Alex i would not love ducks the way i do today R.I.P Alex

just thought that i would share some pics :)

this is Marley my khaki campbell drake i got from the co-op


this is Maize my ancona (who i sold to a friend is need of a duck)


this is bob my male rouen

this is my female rouen


this is Steve my male Cayuga that was also murdered by that darn dog!


I'm sorry for anyone who looks at this i have no pics of alex, she died before i got any

if anyone does look ( dout anyone will) thanks

thanks for looking!