God is my Life- www.godisinthetoughstuff.blogspot.com

I make Bunny diapers, which you can buy on my website (www.diaperedbunnies.webs.com). It is 100% Safe for all rabbits. $10.
My Pets:
2 dogs (Border Collie, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.)
3 Cats (2 Tabby's 1 unknown.)
2 Bunnies (Lionhead [Sadly going to sell. My regrets...], and Dutch [Sadly sold. My regrets...])
1 Turtle (Red-Eared-Slider [Sadly sold. My regrets...])
1 Fish (Betta) R.I.P
2 Ducks (Pekins)
Soon to be a Chinchilla. PM me if you have any biblical names (Male)!
(<--- I love that smiley!)