Hi my name is Jacob AKA duckncover. I don't have chicken but don't count me out just yet. I have parrots, natures talking chicken. I live in a small town and they don't allow chickens here but someday you wait and see, I'll move somewhere I can have them and then I'll be happy with my flock. I also want ducks, quails, and peacocks. Someday my dream will become a reality and I'll live on my littler farm with all my animals and I'll have my little family. But until then I'll try to get into a good college and get a good paying job. Right now I just hatched a button quail on 8/19/11 and I'm hoping to god he lives. He's the sweetest little thing I've ever met. Right now I have a borrowed LG still air incubator and a homemade one up on my porch.

Now to Introduce my parrots, Paco & Echo:


They are my fids (feathered kids). I love them bother to death and they have a special place in my heart.