Ducks Pallet Palaces

By Triplell · Jun 25, 2012 ·
  1. Triplell
    Describe 'Ducks Pallet Palaces' here
    As you can say I got the Duck bug and the rest is history!!

    I decided to use and re-use most of my materials. This is the material list as follows.....

    10 pallets of aprox same size...I used 4ft pallets that were close to the same size.
    8 ft of bailing wire.... used to wire the sides together
    3 sheets of metal roofing....we had many peices just lying around from other old buildings
    2 sheets of lumber tarps .... we got them from a local truss company


    The ventilation was not good so I cut holes on all four sides about 3"x3". I didn't put a floor in but after the severe wet weather we have had I wood definitly do it and raise it up at least 6 inches of the ground. I made a trough if a 5ft 1x4 for the bottom and then the same for the front and back and for the sides, then put some old 4x4's on each end and one in the middle for the feeder. Their water is outside. Here is the other one we made the same day only this one we had to make the front out of some scrap wood as you can see threw the clear plastic.[[​IMG]

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  1. Triplell
    These duck houses were ment to be temporary, they lasted 5 yrs until a Tornado destroyed them. Mainly ment for nests (keep eggs dry) and keep feed dry. I had no help in building them plus had no funds either. After my one and only predator attack i basically had to start all over. In one pen I had a par of geese with 20 Runner ducks, only 2 Runners survived. In the second pen I had 3 geese and 16 Rouens. These geese and 4 ducks survived. This was all done in a single night with 4 strand electric perimeter fence. My DH at the time had turned off electricity to cut wood in the swamp behind the pens. I was visiting my sister in WA for 2 weeks when this happened. I now have 15 Geese and 25 Muscovys that free range 3 acres.
  2. furbabymum
    I like how easy this would be but I could never do it. Our winds would eviscerate the entire structure in one blow.

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