Ok, so I'm a total procrastenator, I've been on BYC for around a year and this is the first time I've gotten to making myself a page.
Being alittle unsure about to write here I think I'm just going to fill ya'll in on me and my birds.
My Name is Emily, I live in Fairport New York
I'm addicted to horseback riding, country music, and all things animal related (especially Indian Runner ducks.).
I have had all kinds of critters roaming the house. (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Mice, Rats, etc.) So it only seemed natural that ducks be the next step.

We started with 2 Indiain Runner girls Pickle and Frances (hatched them our selves), Then after becoming fully addicted we planned on getting two more. After finding someone on craigslist selling her extra Holderreads ducklings we picked our two girls Pancake and Fuzzball. Right as we were leaving we were offered another duckling with wry neck. I was told if we didn't take he would be sent to an auction. (who knows what would happen to a deformed duckling at an auction!) At that point I named him Stanley and took him home with us.
Pickle is the self proclaimed Quuen of the flock, a "no-nonsense" kind of duck. She tolerates being pet but much like a cat, and feels that hands were made so she could be fed, laps were made so she could feel taller, and people were made so she could be waited on. She does enjoy being with her people and bossing her sister around. She likes to perch on my shoulder, and reach the climbing beans from the highest stalks! She still refuses to have anything to do with the ducklings, and their messy ways.
Frances is a handycapped runner. She's always been alittle on the "special" side. On hatch day she dug a dime sized hole in the side of her egg and tried to climb out. After a long time we had to help her from the egg. (I know, its a no-no. But what else could I do?!) She has been greatful ever since. She was always the first to come running to her people, not for treats, but for cuddles! She climbs right into my lap and will just sit for hours; cuddling and preening me. She absolutly loves everyone, especially Pepper (the dog) whom she chases across the cage and tackles, she loves chewing Pepper's tail and nose. (what a patient dog) Over the winter Frances suffered a leg injury and never was quite the same, though she is just as loving she walks with a limp. We were concerned she would have to be euthanized but she has such a love for life that she taught her self to hobble along just as fast as her sister. Nothing quite as inspirational as a handy capped duck! Her limp is almost completely gone now, and she is right at home with her new flock mates.
Pancake is a Holderread's Fawn and White runner. She's the Diva of the flock, and will bully all the other ducks into getting her own way. She and Pickle are not the best of friends, both of them want first choices when it comes to feeding, swimming, or even the best shady spot to nap in. She spends alot of time chasing the other ducks out of "her" swimming pool, and demanding the best of the treats.

Fuzzball is a Holderread's Emery Penciled runner. She is definatley a go with the flow kind of duck. She follows the others around, happy to eat whats left over and wait her turn when it comes to bath time. The only thing Fuzzball seems to concerned about are worms. I would never come between her and a nightcrawler!

Stanley is another Holderreads Fawn and White. He came to us with a moderate case of wry neck. After some TLC and vitamins, you can't even tell he ever had it! Stanley can be a bit of a bully when it comes to the bigger ducks. A definate case of napolean syndrome! He is a sweet boy who is growing to be ENORMOUS! He doesnt enjoy cuddling like he used to, but will still put up with the occasional hugs!