Dust Bath in coop

By pepsmomma · Jun 22, 2013 · ·
  1. pepsmomma
    I am not adding a design today, just a note. In all the coop plans I viewed and runs I was not fortunate enough to come across one that stressed the importance of incorporating a dust bath. I live in Michigan and am concerned about my chickens being able to cleanse themselves in the winter so am looking for ideas on how to add to our coop. Wish I had done more research before. So keep in mind an area for dust bath.

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    "Just a note"
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    No details, just a note.
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    "Not really an article"
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    This should be a topic thread in the forums.....


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  1. ellend
    And sand is SO easy to keep clean! Just scoop and run! Wish I could use it all year, but in our area winters are pretty bitter. I don't use it in my outside run, either, because of water; we get a lot of rain. Inside the henhouse, however, it's a dream.
  2. TwoCrows
    Sand, sand and more sand! I use sand as litter everywhere...in the coops, runs, even the nest boxes. They can dust bathe everywhere! Sand is dry, soft on the foot pads, it nearly eliminates all stink and is very easy to maintain. Cool in the summer as well if you use a covered run.
  3. hereorthere
    I re-purposed a leaky water pan meant for horses - threw sand, ashes from the wood stove, and DE. Works great for the long wet winters. And then in the summer, gets pulled outside.
  4. naadarien
    Mine "dust" bathe in the litter on the ground of the coop, but perhaps that is an argument for using sand? I would think using sand would provide an opportunity for dust bathing in the winter.

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