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By Dust Bunny · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Dust Bunny
    hi everyone! this is my very first forum:) and im realitivly new to poultry ownership, ive got 1 belgian bearded d'uccle roo, 1 ameraucana roo, 1 ameraucana bantam hen, 1 polish hen, 1 jersey giant hen, 1 ameraucana hen, 2 cochin hens, 1 sexlink hen, 1 snowy malard drake, 1 crested indian runner, and 1 darling 27lb bronze turkey hen not to mention a pond full of koi, 2 lab mix dogs, 4 cats, 1 huge spider, 2 bettas, 2 adorable pet slugs, and a salamander. i live in beautiful shelton washington, im married to a man i've been with for nearly 19 years, im 34 years old, i drive a heavy haul semi truck for a living and i enjoy sculpting in my spare time, well that pretty much sums it up see you guys later :)

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