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  1. Dustystrail
    Dustystrail Swap Page

    What I Have

    Large Fowl

    Barnyard Mixes

    All my large fowl are in a mixed pen. I have tried to picture all my birds. There is an aged Buff Orpington rooster that does still cover a hen every now and then. I do not have any Polish anymore.



    Bantam Barnyard Mixes

    Silver Duckwing Old English

    These are still included in the bantam mixed breeds.

    Golden Sebrights in one pen and a Pair of Silver Sebrights in a separated pen.

    Mixed color Silkies

    Partridge, BBS, White, Buff, Gray. All bearded except the buff. She is a Meyer hatchery bird. The rest are nicer quality. The Silkies will remain in a mixed color pen until further notice. There is now a white Sizzle cockerel in this pen.
    Other items

    Pair of new one quart chick waterer and feeder

    10 pounds of wheat seed for fodder

    Horse Tack
    I usually have extra horse and pony tack I can part with so ask if that is something you're interested in.

    Appaloosa Horse Magazines
    12 random months. They are several years old. Good shape and lots of great pictures.

    What I want

    This is my wish list. I could be talked into others. [​IMG]

    Large Fowl

    O Shamo
    Nice BIG Orpingtons - buff or any laced
    Nicely speckled Welsummer eggs
    Bright blue eggs

    SQ Bantams

    Old English - lemon blue, quail, red pyle
    Moderns - lemon blue, red pyle, brassy back, splash
    Golden Sebrights
    Splash Bearded Silkies

    Other Fowl

    Peafowl - purple, black shoulder
    Pheasants - golden, red gold, or ???


    blue berries
    black berries
    Trumpet vine


    Incubator parts - Egg turners, fans, thermostats, thermometers
    Men's regular fit jeans 36x34
    canning supplies/books
    chicken, quail, or poultry books

    Swaps I've made

    Swaps I owe/sent

    pickledpenny - 6 mixed color Silkies - DESIGNER EGG CHAIN post 453 - SENT
    eggorthechicken - 8+ (12+) all bantam barnyard mix +silkies - DESIGNER EGG CHAIN post 475 - SENT
    Sambi89 - 6-7 mixed LF eggs - NEW What Ya Got Swap! post 2093 - SENT
    bnews - 12+ assorted mixed eggs -NEW What Ya Got Swap! post 2188 - SENT
    Jessshan8 - waterer and feeder - DESIGNER EGG CHAIN post 516 - SENT
    steve horner - goat book - side swap - SENT
    Unclaimed offer - East of the Mississippi All-In Swap -
    Unclaimed offer - Bantam Only Crazy Egg Chain -​
    Swaps owed to me/received

    elieugene6 - 4 welsh harlequin duck eggs - DESIGNER EGG CHAIN post 448 - RECEIVED
    eggorthechicken - 4+ ancona duck eggs - DESIGNER EGG CHAIN post 473 - RECEIVED
    clousert - 8+ call eggs - NEW What Ya Got Swap! post 2078 - RECEIVED
    clousert - 8+ EE/OE eggs - NEW What Ya Got Swap! post 2187 - RECEIVED
    Jessshan8 - 6+ Serama - DESIGNER EGG CHAIN post 502 - RECEIVED
    steve horner - gladiolus/raspberries - side swap - RECEIVED
    EledaWV - box of Iris rhizomes - East of the Mississippi All-In Swap post 43 -
    jmcgee83 - 6+ serama - Bantam Only Crazy Egg Chain post 821 - RECEIVED​

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  1. Proverb31mama
    I'm not good enough at recognizing breeds. Can you tell me what large fowl breeds you have?

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