1. kristenf76524
    Earl is a Leghorn HEN. I had a chick several years ago that we thought was a rooster, so I named him Henry. Several months later Henry laid and egg, so she became Henri. Keeping with tradition, my new chick was named Earl on purpose. She has a friend that my daughter hatched in kindergarten science class named Murray, who is a hen also. We're planning on getting a rooster chick and naming him Sue. Lol. Earl is a little over a year old, Murray is around 9 months. Earl is friendly and a social beer drinker, Lonestar being her beer of choice. She is certainly our pet and lives in a very nice bright red coop my brother built for her. She lays just about every day but her egg production seems to depend on her amount of human interaction. If I get her out and play with her, she will lay the next afternoon. If I don't she probably won't. Like I said, she's a social chicken. This page will mostly be pics of Earl and not many text updates cuz I just described just about everything she has to offer

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