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By earnhardtlvr · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. earnhardtlvr
    Here are some pics of the smokehouse we converted into a chicken coop for when our new babies are old enough to go outside and live. We hope they enjoy their habitat as much as we have had in creating it! These are some pics of the inside of the smokehouse...[​IMG]...the 10 nest boxes are to the left and the roost area to the right.
    [​IMG]This is a closer look at the roost area. [​IMG] There is a cutout for a chicken door under the roost area.
    This the view from my back window overlooking the coop and soon to be run! [​IMG]
    Here are some pics of the babies:

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  1. HodgeLodge
    I live in Hagerstown just off Jefferson within city limits, and am just getting started with chickens. That is going to be one awesome coop!

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