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    This is a picture of my Bantam Frizzled Serama who is named King Charlie. I have had the privilege of owning him for about two years now. He is a very friendly rooster and he lives inside my home. I love him and his lady (her name is Maple) so much that I have vowed to always keep them indoors so nothing bad ever happens to them. Charlie loves to flirt and has even been known to flirt with male Doves and Quail! I remember the laughter my children and I shared as we watched this little rooster prance and dance for birds that are not chickens! He simply doesn't mind what kind of bird it is!

    Charlie had worms when I first brought him home, (that or he got them soon thereafter?) and he nearly died. I was able to determine that it was internal parasites with enough time to save him. I even posted about it here at BYC and got some tips and suggestions! In fact, he was sick in this photo. It is hard to see in this picture, but his comb was remarkably thin and pale. I am so glad that he has been healthy ever since! I don't know what I would do without him!

    I have been able to witness some of charlies "children" hatching and have had the pleasure of watching them grow up. I never fails! He fathers more pullets than her does cockerels! I'm not complaining!

    Charlie is older now and his feathers are even more full than in this photo.

    I plan on making a video about "The Life of King Charlie" and I will be sure to post it here!

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  1. Earthologie
    Awe! Right through the doggy doors! How cute is that!
    What I did for these two chickens is I built a rustic bird cage for them. Two old wooden windows for two outer walls, a wooden window shutter is the door that latches shut, plywood is the floor (covered with sticky tiles for easier cleaning). The roof is made out of old wooden barn siding. Chicken wire is in the windows-turned-walls and on the back wall as well. To keep bedding and dust in I covered the chicken siding with old storm window screen.
    The whole cage sits on a linoleum floor for easy clean up as well. A few pieces of wood shavings and dust still gets out, but since it is on linoleum floor, I can sweep it away quickly.
    I occasionally let them out to run around: on the linoleum only. I don't desire cleaning poo off of carpets! To get these guys outside, I use a BIG metal dog crate which I can haul around the yard for them during good weather. This is kind of heavy so this week I am building one out of wood which is not as tall but will be longer. It will have handles to pick it up. It might weight the same, but due to the handles it should be easier to move around.
    As for crowing, I grew up around exotic parrots so the crowing isn't too much of an issue. There are only a few times a week where I say "Charlie, that's enough!" If I let him out, he usually shuts up though! As for mornings, they are on the far end of the house: opposite from where we sleep so we usually don't hear him!
    Since Penny is so keen on coming inside, maybe you should bring her in? I honestly recommend to people that a HEN is one of the BEST pet birds to have in the house. They barely make any noises (a common complaint of bird owners), they can't destroy wood work (which is ANY bird with sharp hook bill), and they do NOT smell bad! My tip there is to just make sure the bedding stays dry. It only ever sticks if water spills and mixes with the poo/chicken crumbles that are in the bedding. Occasionally I run into *idiots* who frown upon me for having two pet chickens in my home. I try to politely tell them that they are no more germy than having any other type of "pet" bird. I then try to explain how people just think they are based off of preconceived notions and beliefs because they are "chickens."
    Even parakeets can get annoying indoors sometimes. But having a quiet hen, or even a quiet tamed down female quail inside is a REAL treat!
  2. ChickInDelight
    Do tell the secret of keeping everyone happy with a chicken in the house. My Penny has been coming through the doggy doors into the house. I am trying to accommodate everyone.

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