Just starting out...

I couldn't wait for eggs so I picked up these three older hens at the fair. You can see the sideyard where we are building their new home.

Here's no. 3 I'm still working on names.

This is on the way home from the semi-local feed store. A little package of joy for 2.50 each.

Love at first sight... Haley our dog is still working to resist her urges as a bird dog. So far she is really great at chasing the cats out of the yard when the Girls scream about it.

More sleeping... I think the heat of her body just lulled them to sleep. Little did they know they were sleeping on a bird dog.

The first dustbath in the sun was my signal to let the little peeps out for their first walk in the yard. They hid under the same bush all day and still do to this day.

Here's the bush... and the only couragous one to start to go away from the protective cover. My yarrow by the way is just about all eaten up now. They love it.