Easter EGG Craft Ideas for Kids

  1. Frances Salazar
    This a great time to teach your children about Easter. Implement this knowledge with information about chickens, and of course the eggs. All children will love learning about this. When your child uses their senses it helps them recall information easier. Touch: Smooth, Fragile, and Breakable. Let them touch the egg shell. Give them the opportunity to crack it when cooking or when using it in a recipe. Let them feel the motion of a cracking egg shell. See: Shape, and Different Colors Taste: Use eggs during day when cooking and let the children eat it. Hear: Crack an egg and let them listen to the slight crackling sound. Smell: Let them smell boiled eggs and explain that the eggs have different smell. (Sulpher)

    Egg shell art can be fun and creative. Children and adults alike will enjoy spending time together when doing activities. Always keep your childs age and abilities in mind. Choose a challenging idea that yourchild can successfully accomplish.

    Egg Shell Collage Toddler/Preschool
    1. Draw or have your child trace an oval on card stock. 2. Use a thick brush to rub glue in the oval egg shaped area. 3. Then glue cracked egg shell bits and pieces that have been pre colored with food coloring or egg dye.

    Eggs Shell Flowers Preschool/elementary
    Note: Save large portions of cracked eggshells that you have previously dyed
    1. Draw or have your child draw flower stems with leaves. 2. Use a giant glob of glue at the top of each stem. 3. Place a dyed eggshell over the glue area. Dye portion facing up. 4. Next, have your child smash the egg in place. Breaking the eggshell into little pieces.
    5. Viola! You now have egg shell flowers/flower petals.

    Egg Shell Blowing older School Agers
    1. Place water in saucepan to boil. 2. Add 1 tsp. of baking soda to water. 3. Next add eggs. 4. Slow Boil 12 min. Note: Make sure there is about 2" of water above eggs 5. When complete. Cool them quickly by adding ice in. 6. Crack top and remove eggshell bits 7. Crack bottom and remove eggshell bits. 8. Blow through one hole. 9. Egg will come out the other end!
    Supplemental Activities include:

    Chicken Collage:
    Items Needed: ⦁ Several Chicken Magazines or Catalogs ⦁ Scissors ⦁ Glue ⦁ Large Blank Sheet of Paper
    1. Let children cut out anything they wish once they have selected their Chicken to cut out.
    Ideas: Friends: Hens/Roosters/Chicks Meals: Food & Snacks Home: Chicken Coops Furniture: Feeders, Waterers, Roosting bars, & Nesting boxes
    2. Children can get creative. Once they have chosen their Chicken, let them name it. Then select and cut out everthing they can think of for a chicken's home. Others may just select "friends" for their Chicken. Some could select just things their chicken would like to eat. They will come up with their own ideas. Let them get creative and generate their own ideas.

    Big Bird:
    Items Needed: Large Paper, Marker, Feathers, Glue
    Have the child lie down on the paper and trace their silhouette.
    Children can add facial features.
    Let them glue feathers on their silhouette.
    Creating their own life size bird.


    Fingerplays: 5 Little Chicks
    (show pointer finger) Said the first little chicken, With a queer little squirm, "I wish I could find A fat little worm."
    (show Tall finger & leave pointer up) Said the second little chicken, With an odd little shrug, "I wish I could find A fat little bug."
    (show ring finger & leave other two up) Said the third little chicken, With a sharp little squeal, "I wish I could find Some nice yellow meal."
    (show little finger & other three up) Said the fourth little chicken, With a sigh of grief, "I wish I could find A little green leaf."
    (show thumb & other four fingers) Said the fifth little chicken, With a faint little moan, "I wish I could find A wee gravel stone."
    (wiggle all fingers in scratching motion) "Now see here," said the mother, From the green garden patch, "If you want any breakfast, Just come here and SCRATCH!"

    Dance: Chicken Dance

    Song / Movement: Mother Gooney Bird One wing, ready now! Mother Gooney Bird had seven chicks, And seven chicks had Mother Gooney Bird And they couldn’t walk, And they couldn’t talk, But they all could go like this... Two wings, ready now! CHORUS Two wings, one foot, ready now! CHORUS Two wings, two feet, ready now! CHORUS Two wings, two feet, one head, ready now! CHORUS Activities: For the first verse, make a chicken wing by tucking your right hand into your armpit, and flap to the beat. For the second verse, add your left arm. 3rd verse, add a tapping foot or leg. 4th verse, add the other foot or leg. 5th verse start shaking and bopping your head while keeping the rest going!

    Your child will enjoy visiting the chicken coop and have a great discussion. This an excellent opportunity to bring the family together and talk about chickens and Eggs. Opportunities for discussion range from a description, to their home. Include how they provide us with food. What they eat to get strong.

    Learning and teaching times not only happen at school but at home also. If you homeschool your child implement these ideas in your lesson plan.

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