Easter Egger cuteness

  1. ChickensAndPigsOHMY
    7B3E9831-837F-4DE9-93D9-36FBFE9445CC.jpeg 0C30D6E0-A6EF-443F-92BD-D76A716D0AB4.png 7A434444-EE98-4E15-8334-BD7866F621C6.jpeg A954CD54-035E-4687-A3DF-B560AC73A0B5.jpeg E471C01F-816D-4F3C-9F84-9C6B9E0D1AFD.png 6DA1FD28-A7D5-4FEB-8920-4F135EC0215B.jpeg D6E9EFB5-7E05-423E-B894-6F414FB72373.png 9CE38CA9-3E70-4604-9BB3-586DF364F1C0.png D2325A81-AC2F-4A04-9C27-DDFAEBB8925E.png 7E60959C-7ADF-4529-ACF4-62A62C5FB821.jpeg

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  1. freerangeandfreedom
    How cute! I’ve been thinking about getting Easter Eggers recently.... They look like sweethearts!!!
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    1. ChickensAndPigsOHMY
      For some reason the ones I have are just the sweetest things ever and they love to be handled unlike most of the others
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  2. casportpony
    Very cute, thanks for sharing. :love
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  3. N F C
    Fun photos, thanks for sharing them!

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