[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I bought Easter Egger eggs from Atlchick on Jan. 22, 2010. I set them in the Brinsea Eco 20 that evening.[/FONT]
Here are the eggs:

Here are the eggs just before lockdown on Feb. 9. If you look real close,
You can see 3 pips.

The first 2 chicks. The dark one hatched about 9pm on 2/11. The yellow one

All eight. There were 4 in the bator the morning of 2/12 and the other 4 hatched
before 10 AM.

Saturday Surprise. Another chick hatched 27 hours after the others. Here he is
in the bator. #9

And in with the others. He's the solid dark one next to the brooder wall. The other
dark one is #8.

Temporary home while brooder is being cleaned.

Moved to a bigger brooder (old aquarium) on 2/16. Doubled the floor space.

Checking out the new digs.

Some individual pictures at one week old.

3/19 - five weeks old. In the brooder cage on the grass. They fill it up.

Worf - we think this one is a roo

Gandulf - another roo probably

Yeller - who is now all white

Goth - named by my granddaughter, used to be solid gray/black

An unnamed one, there are 2 more unnamed with this coloring and one white/black one

They are moving into a bigger cage soon. The brooder is much too small for 8 6 week old chicks.