Easter Eggers Chipmunk

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    Easter Eggers
    Chipmunk Created by Hollywood Chickens
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    Easter Eggers are very sweet and pretty that lay a full range of colored eggs from khaki, purple, pink, blue, green and more variations of those colors. Some Easter Eggers lay an Egg or more a day this specific Easter Egger lays 6-8 eggs a week. A common abbreviation for Easter Egger is EE.





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    She Layed her first egg when she was 163 days old​

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  1. fpdoty
    The chicks really do look like chipmunks. We have two, which started out looking very similar, but now at about 3 months are very different. One is the biggest bird in our flock, the other is the smallest, and looks more like a pheasant.
  2. Kathy S
    I have been following this page because I got my EE (they called it Ameracauna at the feedstore) at 2 weeks old and looked identical to this one. She is now 2 months old and looks like the 63 day old one except blacker in the wings, body and tail but about this reddish color on head neck and breast. Although I handled her regularly in the beginning she has been very skiddish. Will they tame up with age? My Golden Laced Wyandottes were standoffish but not so wild and I'm wondering if this is a breed thing or just her personality. Or male versus female and she isn't a she?
  3. knit2btried
    These look just like ours. Ours are about 7 weeks old now. I had no idea it would be so long before we can expect to get eggs.
  4. Roxannemc
    Oh shes pretty!!My EE chicks are 4 1/2 weeks and look like yours .. maybe will be as pretty!

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