I've been raised around chickens my whole life, Mostly Game birds. but it all REALLY started when i saw a pair of bearded white silkie bantams at the flea market six years ago.
I took them home and marved over how the hen kept deligent watch over the dyed easter chicks bought the month before, I watched in awe as the Rooster strutted proudly, dominant amoung arocona's and leghorn's. I named them king and Queen, and adored them both untill the king died defending the others from some unknown predetor, the proof was on his spurs. not long after the Queen passed away in a peacful sitting posistion-I've always truley belived that she died of a broken heart.

Years passed and chickens came and went-Gift chickens-drop off chickens- breeder chicks-hatchery chicks-traded chickens-And One Too special to ever discribe with words (picture below ). But there have always been chickens. And to the Best of my knoledge, There always will be Chickens in my yard.-Jessi C. 2008
101_0477.jpg This is Willie Bubba,
My Dear friend.
?-?-?? - 3-10-06 R.I.P
"when the people close to us pass on, the way to keep them alive is to always remember them; buildings burn, people die, but true love lives forever"-Brandon Lee, the Crow

these are my Babies(chickens)
My Dominecker/Black Sumatra/Red BB. Game/White orpington Captian James T. Kirk

my Bearded (Japanese) Silkie, Chiyoko(child of a thousend genarations)
Swift-My Silver Spangled Hamburg or Holland's Hoenn

This is my bearded silkie, named Michiko 'child of a thousend beautys'

this is my bearded (Japanese) Silkie hen Ayano(Made of Silk)
This is my non-bearded(american) white Silkie hen, Heckles.
this is my non-bearded black Silkie hen Amaya(night rain).

This is Kirk and his lady Captain Janeway

My buff bearded silkie hen Momoko (golden child)
my Silver (white laced black) polish hen Afro

my Bearded Silkie/Cochin Frizzle mix hen Ezzyo

well thats me and my Twelve chickens, complete with name translations. please mail me with qeustions or comments!