A bit about me and my hens!​
We all live in the wonderful county of Hampshire in the UK. I have always wanted hens but didn't have the space, until the summer of 2009, when we moved to the countryside. With more space in the garden I started to plan the arrangement. 1st I worked on the vegetable patch and borders of the garden, and then I made room for a coop.
After looking around at some produced coops, I was astonished at the prices and thought that the materials used and workmanship wasn't up to scratch. I started to look at plans and designed my own coop. pricing it up I was surprised at the cost of materials, but started saving up some spare cash! During this time, 1 of our neighbours told us about their children’s play house that they wanted rid off, I gladly took up the offer and converted it in to our new coop. Another friend was having work done to there house, which gave me the opportunity of acquiring some wood for the run. All I needed now was some fencing, paint and gravel. The total cost of the coop came to about £50, not bad!!
Once completed I started looking for hens, after some time deciding I found an ad in www.farmingads.co.uk. We picked up 4 hens which are now all laying and very happy.
We have had a few problems, which we are solving, like scaly legs mites and fleas, but nothing that can not be solved.
Here are some images of our hens and the coop, hope you enjoy!