This is our first foray into chickens. We hatched ducks for my little girls class 2 years ago.
My friend got me hooked when she told me about hers. She wanted to do another order.
I planned it all out & sprung it on my husband 3 days before ordering it. He wasn't totally excited, lol.
But once he figured out they were not as stinky as the ducks & they would not be in the house,
he was much happier. What really got him was the selling the extra eggs &getting to build the coop!
A chance to use the power tools, lol.

We have 3 EEs, 1 Blk Astralorp, 1 RIR & 1 GSL. The coop is called Fowl Manor.
We have Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, Opal Coboi, Juliet, Butler & Mulch Diggums.
Names come from the Artemis Fowl series.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Picked the spot for the coop.
The patio seemed the best
option for us. The run will extend to
dirt area on the back side.

Framing & Floor done.
[tr][td] 22625_chick4.jpg [/td]

We got most of the plywood up
for the sides.
Added the door & nest box cabinet.

Coop completed (mostly).
Painted & added a corrugated
rubberish roof. High ventilation all around.
2-15x15 windows
across from each other that catch
breezes well & 1 facing our girls
window so they can watch the chickens.
Also have a bottle of Antibac
hanging from the window grid.

(Outside closed--outside open--Inside view)

Close up of nest box cabinet.
Found the cabinet someone was
tossing after a remodel.
Egg collection will be
easy from outside.

This is Artemis. She is a RIR.

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22625_chick13.jpg 22625_chick14.jpg 22625_chick16.jpg
This is Holly. She is a BA.

[tr][td] 22625_opal.jpg 22625_mulch.jpg 22625_butler.jpg
Here are my 3 EEs. Opal, Mulch & Butler.[/td][td]
This is Juliet. She is a GSL.
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22625_chick17.jpg 22625_chick18.jpg
We have a momma dove with 2 babies
living on top of the coop.


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