Eco Friendly Coop

By tdrennan · Jan 29, 2012 · Updated Jan 29, 2012 · ·
  1. tdrennan

    Why shouldn't the coop have its very own rain barrel?!

    Coop before we attached the run.


    Coop with the run attached. We used and old dog house we found for the coop's frame and then covered it all with recycled fence post. We really like the way the rustic look fits in our backyard. And, of course, a picture of our three ladies!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. N F C
    "Dog House Conversion"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Aug 6, 2018
    Good job using what you had on hand!
  2. Nardo
    "Simplae coop from a dog house"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 5, 2018
    Good pictures showing how you changed the dog house into a coop


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  1. N F C
    Nice re-use of a dog house :)
  2. tdrennan
    I appreciate it. I cost almost nothing since I used all recycled materials from the neighborhood and Craigslist. I like the simplicity too.
  3. joan1708
    I like this coop! I don't know what it is, but there is something very appealing about this simple coop!
  4. gunnarwordon
    Wow. Great coop. I may steal that idea..................
  5. SevenVF
    As long as the barrel is clean there shouldn't be any problems.
  6. tdrennan
    As far as I know it is. They drink the water and seem to be fine. I have read on BYC that some people have been allowing their girls to drink rain water for years without any probelms.
  7. AmyLM
    Is rainwater safe ?

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