Here we go!!! We have been wanting to raise chickens for a while now and we have finally committed to it. We are so new to this that we aren't even eggs yet. We have done our own research, talking to friends, surfing the net, as well as talking to people on here. And we feel we are ready to take our next step. We have designed our coop and run using MS Paint and would like any input(good or bad) that anyone would like to share. The coop itself is 6 ft wide, 18 ft long, 8 ft tall, and 2 ft off the ground. The pen is 20 ft deep, 30 ft long, and from 10 ft at the coop to 8 ft at the widest point. Here are the drawings hopefully we can start building soon and will get pics on here as we progress. The blacked out sections are windows that will be hinged and finced to allow air and to keep out rain and high winds, we have also been thinking about putting a strip of ventalation like 6 inces tall, right under the roof along the frount. The window on the frount is 1 ft by 8 foot and the two on the sides are about 3.5 ft tall by 4 ft wide. the taller door will be our access into the coop, the other side will be too close to a tree for easy access. Right now we don't know where we want the door to the run just yet.