Here are some pictures of my EEs, the eggs came from BHep (Beth), Reesepoultry (Michelle) who just got rid of her ee flock
, and a lone chick from KRSTMS (kristi). Kristi's chick hatched alone so it drove me up the wall for about 3 days till I found some CL mutts...the cure was worse, now they taught all the other chicks their age to be unfriendly.
Any who, here are some pics
there are alot of roos in the batch, I think its something like 12 to 6. Add the fact that 2 of the 6 are actually black Australorps and that means I need to hatch more!

Heres a pullet for sure, I think this was one of Beth's eggs...

These are pics of Kristi's little chick, I think its a pullet too

These I'm not too sure about, so i'll be making another page and a thread to get opinions