Egg binding cure

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    Egg binding cure

    What is egg binding

    Egg binding also known as being egg bound is a conditition of when a hen is unable to pass an egg. Mostof the time the egg will be stuck in the hens oviduct but sometimes it can be stuck farther up in an area where the shell has not been fully formed yet. Read this article if you would like to know how to save a egg bound hen. I know how ecuase one of my hens has been egg bound 3 times so far and every time i have saved her. Good luck! :)

    Causes of egg binding

    Many things can cause egg binding but there are a few magor things that can cause it. One is dehydration. It is a comman cause of egg binding in laying hens and sometimes cn be treated just by hydrating the hen.
    Other comman causes are calcium defishincy, not enough calcium, malnutrition, stress and sometimes weakness- not enough strenth to push the egg out.

    Symtoms of egg binding

    Symtoms og egg binding in alying hens can vary but there are some very noticable symtoms. Very comman symtoms are walking like a pingwin or s if her butt is very heavy. Hens do this becuse when a hen lays an egg she wont sit while laying her egg but she will squat to get the egg out. Heres a picture of a egg bound hen: she isnt mine but i got this picture of the internet as a great example.[​IMG]
    A few other symtoms are walking wierdly, spending alot of time in the nesting box, acting lethargic and having a egg shaped thing in her abdomen which yes is an egg if shes showing other symtoms. If you notice your hen is acting this way start my treatment below right away or if you dont want to go to a vet.

    Treatment options vary also but this way has worked 3 times for my hen Lila. The treatment commanly works for mussel weakness, dehydration, calcium problems and many other causes. What you will need for this treatment is vaseline, a sink full of warm water not too deep but deep enough for your hens butt area to be in, fresh water for her to drink, calcium- tums, a human calcium tablet but you should have oyster shell handy for your hens to eat when they need it. And ofcorse you wil need a towel to dry her off after her warm bath.

    First give your hen calcium tablets or oyster shell; calcium works fast and will help improve egg shell quality to help get the egg out. Than you will need to put your hen in her warm, not to cold and not too hot bath. Some hens will love a nice warm bath and may fall asleep in it or others may not like it. Hold her in it and ofcorse ALWAYS keep her head above water. Some hens may adventualy start to enjoy the nice warm water after a whie. Keep her in the warm bath for 15-20 minutes... although if you give her a 30 minute bath all at once she will be more likely to lay the egg around a hour later others may take a few hours to get the egg out. If you think its from weakness in her vent-oviduct area you can VERY gently massage the egg its way out. After you gave her her warm bath dry her off and rub some vasline around her vent; thi will help lubercat the eggs way out.

    Afterwards you can lock her in a dark quiet area where she can focas on getting the egg out. One such area is the roosting area or the nesting boxes. Another area can be inside in a hen pen- what i call it, its a chickens indoor cage. Usualty the egg will come out within a hour or 2. If it hasnt come out within 3 hours repeat the treatment above and give her a few hours afterwards to work on the egg again. If it still hasnt come out you should really bring her to the vet. Vets usualy charge around $185 to help an egg bound hen.

    If you would like to help her yourself and you tryed 2 times already get a gloverub vaseline on your index finger and gently put your finger into your hens vent. Most hens will hate this (none will like it) but most dont try to get away while you do this. Put your finer an inch strait back into your hens vent, if you feel a egg she is egg bound ike you probaly already know. This will most likely make her poop but it can also help her get the egg out since the whole rest of the way for the egg to get out is lubercated. Again if you cant get it to come out you will need a vets help.

    Always keep oyster shell out as it is a great supply of calcium. Since hens eggs are 96% calcium bicarbonate they need alot of calcium aspeshaly after laying those nice eggs. Good luck!

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