Egg Citement

By Panthus · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Panthus
    Not old enough, no nesting boxes, too quiet, too lazy and the list goes on. Humans excuses for lack of eggs. Turns out they'll go when good and eggy. Today is day 7 of being in there new home and I'm guessing they'll be approximately 20 weeks of age. I gave them stern words this morning before work that they were to lay some eggs and earn there keep. Goes to show that English is spoken in my coop because sure enough the husband came home to find one perfectly formed good egg nestled in the corner of the coop. What good girls! Very, very proud mum here. :) photos to come shortly

    Edit: This morning (2011-09-29) we had a junior egg laid right in the middle of the coop! :) Its the smaller of the two in the picture. What good girls!

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