My new babies should all be laying by October! With the new BC marans, Welsumers, EEs and Ameraucanas May/2010
I should have a much more varied egg basket by next year!
Course with my luck winter will come early and they'll wait until spring!

1. The last girl to lay (an RIR at 22.5 weeks) has finally given us a teeny tiny egg. All of the eggs shown are on the small side (from pullets that are 26 weeks old) except for the double yolker on the left from another RIR, but this latest egg is even smaller than my Lakenvelder pullet eggs (light egg on top left)!
2. OK these eggs look a lot bigger than the ones on the left but they're not really, I just zoomed in closer. But I am very proud of my two Marans' dark, freckled eggs! I think they are just gorgeous! The speckled egg in 1st pic (left pic, top-right) is also a Cukoo Marans' egg but she has not given us any really dark eggs yet...