Role Call...of Egg Layers

These ladies are listed in no particular order and are only listed once an egg is laid. When/If said hen is sold, sent to freezer camp or dies, they will be removed from the list. Molting has no impact on list status.

(Amelia, Easter Egger or EE - loves to fly, best layer ever ... thru molting, spring, summer, fall & winter. She lays a large barely green egg)

(Rachel, Buff Orpington - named after the previous owner, sweet & curious, 4+yrs old, rarely lays a large brown egg)

(Jules, EE - named after previous owner, Jill, a nice hen with unusual markings that lays a large cream colored egg)


(Penelope, EE - aka Pene, a beautiful, friendly and sweet hen that lays a rosy-brown, sometimes pinkish egg)


(Eva, EE - named after previous owner, Evonne, and lays a beautiful blue egg creatively speckled with calcium dots)

(Inga, EE - lovely red hen that lays an awesome green, densely speckled, egg)


(Casino, Gamebird hen of unknown origins - given to me with her chicks in July 2010. This very fierce mama lays a medium, cream colored egg)

2011 New Layers ...
Welcome to the Egg-roll ladies! It only took FOREVER! They have been raised from chicks by me.

(Honey, BO X RSL - hatched out by me from eggs given me by chickfrmlv, not really friendly but lays a big, beautiful, dark brown egg almost everyday. Can't complain about that!)

(Dover, Delaware - Hatched out by ke_ben, lays a large brown, sometimes speckled egg. Best layer of the Dels and named Dover because I was afraid she would be crossbeaked due to a cracked beak at hatch. All the Delawares are named after towns/cities in the state of Delaware, though some are not as well known.)

(Viola, Delaware - Hatched out by ke_ben, lays a medium brown speckled egg. The best looking of my trio, the only one not to have broken nares in hatching. A little too friendly at times. She is a very fierce broody mama.)

(Tina, Leghorn - Feedstore chick from Privett, lays a lot of large white eggs. The friendliest of the two Leghorns she will come up to be petted. Small but fierce.)

(BellaLuna, White AM X EE - biggest beard EVER! She is a total sweetie, hatched by me [first ever] from eggs sent by KatyTheChickenLady, likes to sit on my lap and talk sweetly to me, lays a nice large pale green egg. She is so patient with being picked up and hauled around by young chicken enthusiasts. A wonderful chicken!)

(Lizzie, BCM X EE - a truly stunning pullet with fine, dark eyes. I love her patterning & colors. Hatched out by ke_ben, lays an awesome med-large brown speckled egg ... gotta love those Marans genes which also account for her broodiness.)

(Sunshine (Sunny), EE - Murray McMurray chick purchased from a friend as a companion to Uno, the only chick that hatched in my last bator batch. Lays a medium sized blue egg. Beautifully patterned, moderately friendly bird. Pretty great broody too but a bit to picky with the chickies.)

(Fanny, EE - Feedstore chick from Privett, lays a extra large to jumbo sized olive colored egg. Has a very interesting comb... almost like a Penedesencas. One of the Austen girls, chose this name because she seemed rather plain yet was quite remarkable.)

(Nutmeg, EE - Feedstore chick from Privett, lays a medium sized shiny blue-green egg. One of 3 hens named after spices and called ... what else? The Spice Girls. She is a beautiful buff and black patterned hen.)

(Kitty, EE - Feedstore chick from Privett, lays a medium-large shiny blue-green egg. She's one of my favorite Austen girls. She actually pounces when she has room to really run. Her feathers are a lighter buff color than the other hens. Pretty.)

(Ginger, Rhode Island Red - Feedstore chick from Privett, lays a medium-large brown egg. She is my only all red hen and one of the Spice Girls. A very nice hen in temperment and production.)

(Uno, EE - Hatched out by me, and the only one of the batch to make it. She lays a medium, very light blue/green egg even though she has a straight comb. She loves attention and has been known to peck at your pants until you pet her.)

(Cinnamon, EE - Feedstore chick from Privett, lays a small, bright aqua colored egg. She is that rare find...a reddish colored Easter Egger. Her tail feathers are irradesent. She is a beautiful, sweet hen and also one of the Spice Girls.)