Egg Shaped Hoop Coop

By naturespace · Jul 20, 2012 · Updated Jul 24, 2012 · ·
  1. naturespace
    here are some photos of our hoop house.
    we used
    - 2 cattle panels
    - a couple of pieces of plywood
    - some 2x4s
    - an old screen door
    - tons of 1/2 inch hardware cloth
    - tarp from Costco
    - lots of zip ties too

    We put the nesting boxes inside, but now wish they were on the outside, just to provide more room for roosting.
    the roosts are made from some young tree branches we cut out of the woods. I might now use 2x4s if we were re building, we might still change that.
    For watering we installed PVC pipes fitted with poultry nipples. The feeder is 4" PVC pipe that can be loaded from the outside.

    We don't plan on moving the coop very much. Instead we are moving the electric netting every few days. It's been several months now and only the area right in front of the coop door is worn to the dirt. We are using a solar charger 3 miles, but also got a 10 mile charger that is much more powerful. We would only go with 10 mile from now on with the fencing we have.

    We also added some fishing line strung between the trees to help deter raptors. On the wires we added strips of Mylar space blanket material to reflex the light.

    Here is an updated photo as of July 23, 2012. You can see the little bit of wearing in front of the coop and our "chicken TV" lounge chairs.

    Details of feeder, waterer and nesting box.
    Feeder tube and water bucket.

    Feeder and water nipples from inside.

    we made the nesting boxes wide because we find the girls will pile on top of each other to use the same box. the egg is a wooden egg my DH turned to encourage laying in the boxes. None of our pullets are laying yet.

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    "Awesome Coop!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 15, 2018
    I love this idea! I wonder how many cattle panels I'd need to make a coop big enough for 25 chooks... I also like your feeder idea. I did something a little different and my girls don't really like sticking their heads in the U to eat.
  2. SimplyLivinthatFarmLife
    "Egg Shaped Hoop Coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    Love the simplicity of the chicken coop. Definitely looks like something I could easily build with a friend in a day or so. Thanks for sharing.


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    I love this idea! I wonder how many cattle panels I'd need to make a coop big enough for 25 chooks....
  2. rancher hicks
    What I did since I had to do it alone, was to tie a rope to one side of the panel and then loop it through the other side and pull it together. Tie it off and then nail it to the base frame.

    Or have another person help bend it.

    Use heavy U nails to hold it to the frame.

    You can see pictures of my frame up on the NY chicken lovers thread.

    Rancher Hicks
  3. cowchipss
    I'm planning to make a hoop coop too! I have a friend who thinks I would need something to bend the cattle panels over a barrel or something else round to make a round hoop shape.... Every DIY blog about cattle panel hoop coops that' I've read does not mention anything about the difficulty of bending the fencing.... Did you guys have any trouble getting the panel to bend/flex into a hoop shape?
  4. Dee Dee 2
    You did a great job ! I love the air vent on top cut out like chickens. DH is quite the wood worker ! How do you like your PREMIER electric netting ?
  5. OneBrokenWing
    This is the cutest hoop coop I have seen! Now I want one...... Great Job, unique and original!
  6. GoldenSparrow
    That is so cool!
  7. sezjasper
    This looks great, very creative use of materials! I wonder about winters, though...are winters a problem where you live?
  8. birdsforbrowns
    Fantastic Coop...Wish we had seen it before we converted our doghouse! Wonderful!
  9. judyki2004
    love it! very cute and i guess functional! love the chicken-cut-out window!
  10. rancher hicks
    I do have a question about those waterers too. I have 5 gallon buckets with three nipples each and I do have a heater in each. However I noticed that they do get dirty. One has green in it and I've had to clean it once already.
    How can you tell if there is not "green" in that pipe? Of course if you live in the south or warmer climes you won't need a heater.
    I like being able to fill the buckets and not have carry water for a few days, but worry about them have clean water too.
  11. Dee Dee 2
    Questions Please ?? Very nice, good "eye" appeal. Is your netting from Premier Fencing ? I want to install watering nipples for my chickens. What height did you put them ? Where did you get them ? How long did it take for the chickens to learn to use them ? Have you ever used them for newborn chicks ? Can water nipples be used connecting a hose to a piece of p.v.c. @ 40 lb. p.s.i. . Is the white bucket where you put the water to run to the watering pipe ? I am installing Premier electric netting as extra insruance around the outside of my pen but on ocassion may let the girls in that area. Have you ever had "fly overs" ?
  12. Jobele
    Love this....quick and easy....just what we always need more of around here...LOL Thanks for posting this!
  13. Roxannemc
    Could you add adiscripton of how it was put together.? LIke cattle panels where are they is the hard ware cloth looped around from the front to the sides or does it go over the top and if so how did you get your front corners so clean? I want to do a movbable yard or run whatever and this might do it.
    Is it heavy?.LOVE it!
  14. acastle64
    Love your coop...great ideas
  15. rancher hicks
    Thats' very nice and should I move south will definitely use the design. I like the feeder and nest boxes. Mine are not as nice.
    Though I'm not sure about sitting it on the ground.
    Surprisingly enough I have three and the birds seem just fine with a tarp cover here in cold NYS. Though tarps do wear out fast in the hot sun.
    Again, nice design.
  16. MICRZY2
    Very Nice! Does electric fencing like that stop coyotes? I'm worried about them, my first chicks ever are due next month
  17. mcnheff
    What an awesome coop!
  18. Mykee
    This is an ingenious coop! It looks very well designed and practical, yet is a work of art! I'm sure your chickens love it.
  19. adgcountrygirl
    Fantastic job! Very functional and it looks good too!
  20. Pollo_Loco
    Simple and elegant. Like the idea of the mylar reflectors. Zip ties and black screws have become my favorite assembly methods.
  21. venus
    Fantastic coop. Well done. It's given me some ideas for my upgrade. Also, the chairs - it's just like me - spending hours watching Chicken TV....! :)
  22. mpguay
    very hice, thank you!
  23. Hilatious
    I Love this coop!
  24. Manningjw
    That is a great little coop! You are giving me many ideas for my own now thank you!
    The feeder/watering system is brilliant and I wanted a solution very similar to that. Being able to add feed/water without having to enter the coop itself is great.
  25. Davidlonghair76
    i like the idea of the water,the ones you get from feed store can get pricey,do have any problems with the chickens not drinking?
  26. Betsy57
    Very good! Love how you have your chairs out there to watch them. They are so entertaining!
  27. RangingChicks
    Great coop I love it!
  28. Chickens R Us
    This would make a nice grow out coop.
  29. calliecutiepie
    So cute!!! You did a wonderful job:)
  30. CinnamonQueen
    Very nice! Do your chickens fly over the fence?
  31. ChicwannaB
    I like it alot, haven't finished my turkey poult coop yet so I may go this direction with it. thanx for ideas.
  32. ebinion
    I love the cutouts can you tell me if you had a pattern and if so where did you get it
  33. Keara
    simple and great! I will be making a few for breeding pens. Thanks.
  34. TXchickmum
    Wow!!! Fabulous!!!
  36. NanaLynn
    Nice job! Where did you get your electric netting? We're thinking of getting some.
  37. LeslieDJoyce
    Gorgeous coop! I love the easy access for feed and water refilling.
  38. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  39. tjbeckman
    Really like this, We might be making one! Thanks for sharing!
  40. naturespace
    it was made with:
    2 cattle panels
    a tarp from Costco
    2 sheets of ply wood
    a screen door from a second hand store
    lots of 1/2 hardware cloth
    i'm not sure of the price, but I will have my DH come up with a good guess and post it.
    thanks for all your nice comments.
  41. sheherazae
    Also, can you tell me what you wrapped it in and what temperatures this coop will work in? Thanks--it looks great!
  42. Iamgrateful
    I love this - great job on it! How much did it cost?
  43. paridisefarm2009
    this is so wonderful ..
  44. parisbarbiedaisyandluna
    This is the cutest hoop coop I have ever seen! Normally I don't like them but I LOVE yours especially the cut outs!

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