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By eggspresso · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. eggspresso
    [​IMG]BYC is one of my favorite sites and now I have become a member! I'm looking forward to interacting with the cool peeps here. I've raised various kinds of birds since I was a kid, and I missed having them when I lived in the city. Years ago I had a large flock of Marans. Now that I have moved back to the county, I have seven Black Copper Marans, five black Penedesencas and one feisty bantam hen. I also raise and train Arabian horses for endurance riding.
    My friends who have chickens all tease me for never eating any of my eggs because I incubate them all! So I buy nice fresh eggs to make into omelettes at the local Farmer's Market. Right now I have three Marans chicks in my art studio that were hatched a month ago. I dig up worms to give them and they go wild for them!

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