El Naked Necks Chicken Coop

By El Naked Neck · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. El Naked Neck
    Here is the coop i made it is a 36' by 12' it is split in 3 pens 12' by 12
    i'll like to keep blrw and glw and orps some day,when i find a good stock.
    also i'm going to stucco the outside walls but i'm still thinking of what kind of finish.i got a lot to chose from, but for now here are some pic's of the coop i still have to finish putting up the wire lath.
    i got some birds in there but that is not what i want to keep in there so
    as i find what i really want i'll start eliminating what i don't want.
    the front

    the back

    the side
    the doors


    the little doors
    inside look at the chicken house


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  1. Help_battery_hens
  2. chicken kid 55
  3. sirabrik
    thats a pretty cool chicken coop! mine is a shed 50 ft. by 30 ft., it holds 500 chickens not kidden.

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