El Paso County Colorado Chicken Ordinance
Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens AllowedNo limits if zoned RR-5, RR-35, or RR2.5 If zoned otherwise a reasonable number of hens are permitted; no roosters.
Roosters AllowedYes, if zoned RR-5 or above
Permit RequiredNo
Coop Restrictionsnone
City/Organization Contact nameEl Paso County Clerk & Recorder, Colorado Springs, CO; 719-520-6432
Additional Information
(C) Livestock
Livestock is allowed in any agricultural zoning district, and in association with a
hobby farm.
(D) Hen Chickens
In a residential zone district allowing less than 2.5 acres, no more than a reasonable number of hen chickens are allowed per ownership, provided the standards of section E below
are met. No roosters are permitted. In zoning districts where a hobby farm is
allowed there is no maximum allowed number of chickens, hen or rooster.

(E)Other Domesticated Animals
In addition to dogs, cats, horses, and livestock, other types of domesticated
animals may be kept as a pet in a residential zoning district allowing less than 2.5
acres provided:
The animals do not exceed 100 pounds in weight each;
The animals are thoroughly secured within the boundaries of the
The animals produce no sounds or smell that may be reasonably
regarded as offensive;
The animals are not exotic, wild or ordinarily considered dangerous; and
The animals are properly maintained to remain healthy and to prevent
the accumulation of wastes.
No more than 2 other domesticated animals shall be located on any ownership
except where the other domesticated animals are fish, small reptiles and
amphibians, small rodents, or small birds kept within a dwelling unit where there
shall be no restriction on the number kept.
Link for more Informationhttp://car.elpasoco.com/clerktotheboard/Documents/13-099.pdf
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