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Elainags Member Page

By elainag · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. elainag
    hi, my name is Elena.
    i'm the proud mother of 5 kids, 3 cows, 4 goats, 16 red productions, 13 leghorns, 3 frizzled, 2 bantam cochins, 3 standard cochins, 2 black tail japanese, 2 mottled japanese, 2 brahmas, 2 buff orpington, 2 silver laced wyandotte, 1 gold laced wyandotte, 4 ameraucanas, 4 ameracanas, 2 silkies, 3 silver hamburgs and many chicks from the mentioned breeds, 3 peacocks and 1 pony!!!
    i came to live to the country so my kids would have a safer more healthy life!

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