Journey into wonderland. It all started in our little dream home with a few acres of land..........Our Border Collies were exstatic. They could run and run. The kitties didn't have to go into and outdoor pen, And the next thing you know we have two goslings sitting in the kitchen. Desi, a little gander who would follow me up and down his little stock tank at the feed store I work at. Each day he would greet me and follow the best he could while muttering how he wanted me to take him home. Lucy, his best friend would always tag along until the day I put them in my box on my desk in the back and then took them home. Introductions went smoothly as they lived in a puppy cage on the floor of our kitchen. The kitties would sit on top and the Border Collies would sit around the cage letting them know they to would take care of them. Rio my lead dog would share secrets with Desi
ucy always wanted all of Desi's attention. They would sit on towels in our
laps and watch TV. As they grew it was time for their own home. It took a little getting use to as each day they would come up the stairs of the deck and look into the screen door and want to come in, when that wouldn't work they would go to each window at their level and peek in. I would come out and sit on the swing with Desi and let Lucy have a couple sips of Pepsi out of the can then coax them back to their new home.

to be continued w/photos as I have time