Electricity in Coop for Winter (or anytime)

By armorfirelady · Sep 18, 2013 · ·
  1. armorfirelady
    I thought I would share how I ran electric to my coop for the winter. I only use electricity for 2 heated dog bowls for the hens food.

    **Disclaimer** I am not a licensed electrician. I did some research & am very safety conscious.

    The items I used were:
    Husky 16/3 50 ft. Cold Weather Cord SJTW 50 Degrees Extension cord
    RIGID 2 ft Indoor/outdoor multi outlet extension cord

    Weatherproof outlet cover
    Easy Heat thermo outlet

    zip ties
    electrical tape
    baby proof outlet covers

    I began by running the extension cord from my garage outlet, which is on a GFI circuit with a weatherproof outlet cover on it, outside to the coop. I attached the cord with zip ties to the fence that leads to the coop to make sure it wouldn't get caught on anything.
    Here it is on the outside of the coop (its the blue cord)

    I brought the end of the cord into the coop weaving it thru the cattle panels to ensure it wouldn't snag on anything or be pulled by the hens.
    I then plugged the Easy heat outlet into the extension cord and then plugged the 3 outlet extension into the easy heat as well. The easy heat is temperature controlled. It comes on at 32 degrees and shuts off at 42 degrees. That way its not on 24/7 when its not needed and save me some money.

    I then wrapped both cord ends with electrical tape to prevent any dust, bedding or moisture getting into the easy heat plugs and causing a short.

    I ran the 3 outlet court thru the cattle panels and up to where I had attached the outlet cover. The outlet cover is just zip tied to the cattle panels. I zip tied the 3 outlet end to the cattle panel as well. its on the backside of the outlet cover since its to wide to fit in it.

    Here is a another look at it with the cords from the @ heated dog dishes running up into the covered box. The daylight you see behind it is because I puled back the tarp to zip tie the cord to the cattle panels. The tarp was secured again and blocks any rain or snow from getting into the outlet.

    Here is a picture of the outlet from the backside. The extra open outlet, if not used, will have a baby proof cover on it secured with electrical tape to ensure no moisture or debris gets in it. The cord ends will also be wrapped with electrical tape to prevent moisture or debris from getting in.

    And here is picture of the heated dog bowls secured on a milk crate in the coop with zip ties. I removed them for now since they are not needed. But when they are moved back in their cords will also be weaved thru the cattle panels to ensure they are not snagged or the hens don't pull on them. (those pieces of tarps will be rolled down for winter so the cords will not be laying on them)

    For the now the 3 outlets on the extender are covered with electrical tape so no moisture or debris gets in them when not in use.

    I will leave the extension cord, outlet cover & 3 outlet cord up year round. It will not be plugged in when it is not in use.

    I hope you enjoyed my little setup for electric for the winter. View attachment 1459712 View attachment 1459713

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  1. Leahs Mom
    Thank you! That helps make it very clear.

    I looked at one of those outlet covers but I haven't purchased it yet. I like the idea of wrapping with electrical tape where the cords plug in for extra dust protection. Think I'll do that this weekend!

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