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Elegantchickens Page

  1. ElegantChicken
    I am an 18 year old living in Alaska. Which I totally love Alaska! I am shareholder(my family, in all, is the owner) of Le Petit Farm.
    We currently have

    5 Standard Light Brahmas(1 Rooster)
    1 Silkie
    2 Gold Sexlink
    4 Black Sexlink(1 Rooster)
    2 Cookoo Marans(spelled right?) (1 Rooster)
    1 Game hen(kind unknown)
    2 Rhode Island Red/ Aracuana
    2 Puff Brahma Banties
    2 Polish
    TOTAL: 21

    7 Shetland sheep
    2 Shetland/Icelandic sheep

    58 Courtnix Quail

    7 Ringneck Turtle Doves

    a link to our blog http://lepetitfarm.blogspot.com/

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