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By elieugene6 · Oct 21, 2012 · Updated Jan 19, 2013 ·
  1. elieugene6

    6+ wheaten/blue wheaten ee (+ f1 olive eggers when they resume laying)

    6+ mixed color silkies with showgirls

    6+ Muscovy mixed colors (spring shipping)

    6+ self blue and split to black bantam Cochins (spring shipping)

    6+ Mille fluer d'uccle eggs (spring shIpping)

    12+ mixed bantam (when molt is over)

    12+ mixed large fowl (when molt is over)


    Chocolate any breed as long as chocolate not Dunn

    Blue wheaten ameraucana

    Pomeranian geese

    Royal palm turkey

    Welsh harlequin ducks

    Sq jersey giants

    Buff brahma

    Old English game

    Maylasian serama

    Sq d'uccle

    Sq black bantam Cochin


    Kraftyladies - 6+ Mille fluer d'uccle as soon as they resume laying (10/20/12)
    Mzstre - 4+ royal palm turkey in spring (10/21/12)

    Swaps owed to me:

    5/10/11--- 6+ leghorn eggs- lmiller49 - designer chain
    10/20/12--- 4+ sebbie eggs spring-- babymakes6
    10/21/12--- 6+ chocolate/black orps spring shipping- madamwlf -PayPal swap
    11/7/12---6+ blue wheaten ameraucana - mrs. mooncat PayPal swap

    Side swaps when laying resumes:

    Self blue bantam Cochins for seramas - crazypetlady
    Wheaten/blue wheaten ee/oe for sebrights and Cochins - Wayne813

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