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By TamingMaster · Jan 8, 2015 · Updated Nov 12, 2016 · ·
  1. TamingMaster

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  1. Peep_Show
    Some birds, IMHO, are just bullies. I had two month-younger birds that I had in a cage in the coop so the other birds could get accustomed to them. They assimilated nicely into the coop, BUT there was one RSL who was intent on making the two newbies' lives miserable as in actively gets after them. All the other birds are fine with their presence. I take the one bully bird out of the equation and all's peachy in the coop. Put her back in and the youngsters are on the run. I think we can figure out who may get voted off the island.....
  2. TamingMaster
    Ah, good point Mountain Peeps.
  3. Mountain Peeps
    Good conclusion. It might also be that she is smaller and shyer.
  4. ChickyChickens
    Aweosme...yeah i thin you are right!
  5. dan26552

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